File Set-up

File types

We accept PC formatted TIFF's that are saved in CMYK or RGB format. If you are working with  photogrpahic imagery or custom engineered panel pieces please save your source file (the file format used to create the design) as well. This typically is a .PSD or an .Ai file from creation that contains all the data of your file. We like to have this source file in case we need to back track your design work for complicated imagery.



The file resolution  for the source file should be between high quality 150-300 DPI. Do not res up a 72 DPI jpeg to make a 300 DPI file.



You can submit color separated or photographic files that are in repeat or as engineered panel pieces. Just remember that we will print whatever file you submit, so double check that you have included all your correct design criteria in the file such as correct scale, merging repeat, color placement, seam allowance, etc



A one pixel line or omit  space shouldn't be part of your design because the size of the ink dot when printing is bigger than a single pixel.  It will appear to be a thicker line or filled in space once printed onto fabric.

For more detailed information, please download or view our File Set-Up instructions for textile printing. If you need further assistance, please contact our design consultants and they will gladly assist you in proper file saving methods for digital fabric printing.

If you need creative or technical design help, please let us know so we can direct you to our service design department.


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