What if you don’t have the kind of fabric I want?

You can work with our Department on a Custom Client Treatment Program. This is not for the light hearted. To start, it requires a commitment from you to source 20-25 meters of the fabric (pfp-white) that you want to custom test. You will be charged for R&D testing services, regardless of the outcome of the tests, at a rate of € 1,000 for the initial treatment and testing services of the 25 meters. We will provide you with our report card and suggest if this is a good match for your specific project along with the feasibility in processing.

Later, if all works well, a minimum of 100 meters for treatment is required for Dauksta to coordinate with our treatment suppliers.  Some blended fabrics are just not feasible in the digital printing world because certain inks bind with certain fibers and some do not.  For instance, a 50/50 poly/cotton will not digitally print with a good color outcome, regardless of what dyes are used digitally. We would steer you away from even testing this.

This R&D has already been done for all our inventoried “ready to go” fabrics, creating high standards for custom outcome. But if mass customization is what you need from your own goods, this is a great way for you to plan your product development ahead of time and a good way to control your custom printed products with your own textile grey goods. We need at least a 5-6 week lead-time for all this coordination.

Many major brands and retailers have been successful working with us using this program.


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