How do you make sure the colors you print match the colors I want?

Provide us with color standards, a paper print for reference, and a good clean digital design file.  We custom match all colors upon request to the specified fabrics from your supplied color standards. A color standard can be a paper print out that you like, pantone chips, or color solutions custom lab dips. The more organized your paperwork and clearer the requests, the better we can be of service to you.  It is important to know this is a difficult process and some limitations occur due to the type of file given, substrate chosen, and the ink gamut of the type of dyes used. We do our best to give you the closest color available with a custom color match that is within the gamut for digital fabric printing. Quality means everything to us.

Did you know? All our colorists had to pass the Munsell Color Test with “flying” colors to be employed here. How about you, do you want to take the test?


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